The Design of Everyday Things
Donald Norman (1988), Basic Books

Designing Interactions
Bill Moggridge (2007), MIT Press

Digital by Design
Troika (2008), Thames & Hudson
Loads of case study projects

Sketching User Experiences
Bill Buxton (2007), Morgan Kaufmann
Also some excellent discussion on prototyping methods in part 2.
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Interactive/Digital Fashion + Textiles

Fashion Futures
Bradley Quinn, 2012
Interviews, trends, techniques and materials

Textile Visionaries
Bradley Quinn, 2013

Digital Visions for Fashion + Textiles
Sarah E. Braddock Clarke and Jane Harris, 2012

Fashionable technology: the intersection of design, fashion, science and technology
Entire text online here
Seymour, Sabine, 2008

Prototyping Theory

Product Design and Development
Ulrich & Eppinger (2000), McGraw-Hill, Chapter 12: Prototyping

Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction
Sharp, Rogers and Preece (2007), John Wiley & Sons, Chapter 11: Design, Prototyping and Construction

Experience Prototyping
Marion Buchenau, Jane Fulton Suri (2000)

Information Appliances and Beyond
Eric Bergman (2000), Morgan Kaufmann, Chapter 4: Designing the PalmPilot: A Conversation with Rob Haitani

Undercover User Experience Design
Cennydd Bowles and James Box (2011), New Riders, Chapter 4: Making it Real

User Experience (UX) prototyping/wireframing

Prototyping: A Practitioner's Guide
Warfel, Todd Zaki; Gray, Dave (2009) Rosenfeld Media
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Physical Prototyping

Prototyping and Modelmaking for Product Design
Bjarki Hallgrimsson (2012), Laurence King, Intro and Chapters 1 & 2
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Process: 50 product designs from concept to manufacture
Jennifer Hudson (2008), Laurence King
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Making things talk: practical methods for connecting physical objects
Tom Igoe, O'Reilly (2007)

Getting Started with Arduino
Banzi, Massimo, O'reilly (2009)

Arduino Cookbook
Margolis, Michael, O'Reilly (2012)
Loads of example projects, organised into individual problems, grouped by theme, some quite advanced such as I2C and SPI, wireless protocols, accessing memory..

Arduino Programming Notebook
Entire text online here
Brian W. Evans, 2007

Coding, Arduino, Processing and OpenFrameworks

Programming Interactivity
Noble, Joshua J., O'Reilly 2009
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Getting Started with Processing
Reas, Casey; Fry, Ben

Python & Pi

Programming the Raspberry Pi: getting started with Python
Monk, Simon, McGraw-Hill (2013)
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E-Textiles & Arduino

Open + softwear: fashionable prototyping and wearable computing using the Arduino
Olsson, Tony; Wiklund, Samson; Odhner, Jonas; Gaetano, David
BlushingBoy Publishing 2011
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Hardware Hacking & Sound

Handmade electronic music: the art of hardware hacking
Collins, Nicolas; Lonergan, Simon
Routledge 2009
Comes with a DVD full of demonstrative videos and audio tracks
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Open Design

Makers: the new industrial revolution
Anderson, Chris
Random House Business Books 2013

Fab: the coming revolution on your desktop - from personal computers to personal fabrication
Gershenfeld, Neil A
BasicBooks 2007

Open design now: how design can no longer be exclusive
Entire text online here
Abel, Bas van
Publishers Group UK [distributor]2011

Design for the real world
Papanek, Victor
Thames and Hudson 1972

Autoprogettazione? proposta per un'autoprogettazione
Mari, Enzo
Maurizio Corraini 2010
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Entire text online here
Cory Doctorow
Harper Collins 2009